Agile solutions for complex legal problems

Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, Big Data, Platforms – data-driven innovation challenges the law by creating fundamental knowledge uncertainties. We help you to tackle them.

We help you set up your data governance

Data-driven innovation

Exploit your innovative capacities based on our lean and agile legal framework.

Protect business secrets

Protect your business secrets and intellectual property while you share your data.

Data Protection and IT Security

Make your services compliant with our data protection and IT security solutions.

Our products


Certification of
anonymisation tech

Demonstrate your customer how to use your products legally. Create legal certainty with our customised GDPR certificate.

Scalable Solutions

Customised data protection by design for our clients

With our built-in solutions, you enable your customers to use your products legally. Define the state of the art of data protection by design.

Privacy Game

GDPR Training
through playful seminars

With our privacy game Admins & Hackers we revolutionise training in complex environments. Applied use cases and a playful approach ensures applicable and sustainable knowledge.


Our Philosophy

Versatile network

We’re theorists and makers, researchers and practitioners, lawyers and designers. For every project we create a dynamic team of enthusiasts.

Academic foundation

Academic curiosity is in our DNA. All our activities are paired with academic activities in order to build bridges between research and business practice.

Clients across all fields

We’ve worked with corporates, research institutions, and startups such as Cisco, Porsche, Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society, and many more.